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094, Syncro, & 091

Our return to VW product development revolves around our interest in the 094 Syncro Vanagon.  This unique 4WD vehicle has seen numerous different engine upgrades over the past decade, so we strive to improve 094 transaxle components to suit the power increases.  From various gear ratios, to our TRUE Syncro LSD, many of our Vanagon products are unique to Guard Transaxle.

113 & 002

Our entry into production of VW gear products began in the late ‘80s, in the heyday of off-road dune buggies and VW drag cars.  The majority of these vehicles utilized 113-style gears, whether installed in Type I or Type II transaxles.  Our recent return to 113 offerings are meant to fill a small void … however this product line is likely to be ever-expanding.  GT is best known for its racing LSDs, and our bullet-proof swingaxle LSD is a prime example.

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Paul Guard (GT Gears) has been a staple in our industry for a long time. Here at German Transaxle we are proud to be a part of his legacy making high quality VW and Porsche parts.  GTA highly recommends his products. We would not be able to keep these vehicles on the roads without them.


Ken Harvey 
President German Transaxle of America, Inc. 
Hot & Sticky Red Custom porsche

About Guard Transaxle

Paul Guard Transmission began as a small machine shop in Kula, Maui, specializing in VW & Jet Ski modification.  The local Maui drag strip provided the perfect testing ground for VW engines & transaxles. When Hawaii’s VW legend Jon Karcey (originator of the System 1 oil filter) built a quarter-miler Speedster in 1986, Guard was happy to provide the transaxle (and driving) for the Maui-based race car.  With each quarter-mile run faster than the previous, Hot & Sticky soon set a world record of 9.36 (4-cyl, full-body, on gas) at the end of the 1986 season.  After one year of parts testing, our Speedster was sold to a mainland racer, and became the Pog Performer.

Guard Transmission blossomed in 1989, with the introduction of aftermarket 091 & 002 VW racing gears.  Ten years later, Guard left VW parts behind to concentrate on Porsche gears & differentials.  Guard’s Porsche G50 Dogbox conversion was the greatest single outside-the-box innovation offered for Porsche racing transaxles up until 2000.  Utilized by top ALMS teams and by Porsche Germany for select ELMS teams, our most popular GT Dogbox ratios were eventually assigned Porsche part numbers by Weissach’s racing division.

In 1999, Paul Guard Transmission was listed as one of “Hawaii’s Fastest Growing 50 Companies”, despite never selling a single Porsche part in Hawaii. The requirement for overnight gear delivery to race tracks across the US led to Guard’s move from Maui to the US mainland in 2000.  Over the next decade, Guard supplied the majority of Porsche ALMS race teams with gears and Limited-Slip differentials.  GT innovations permanently adopted by Porsche for their racing transaxles include the 2-piece mainshaft and straight-cut gears.  Even today, GT (and NPR) LSDs are considered the premier differential for serious Porsche racing.

In 2018, Guard once again began producing VW gears & differentials … primarily for 094 Syncro AWD Vanagons, but also for the popular 113 gearboxes.  Guard Transaxle now deals almost exclusively in VW transaxle parts, while NPR (No Politics Racing) and Guard Transmission continue to offer Porsche racing components.


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